Social media


The social media are all the online channels that encompass social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.) and other digital forms/webpages (blogs, forums, etc.). The users has an active role because they can interact with the brands through the social media and the brands has a quickly and useful feedback.

Its most famous platforms are: Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, twitter, WordPress, Linkedin, flickr, Orkut, dig, Tumblr…


The techniques associated with the digital platform are:

  • Social Media Analytics is the technique which collect and consolidate all the data from the social networks, webpages, etc. It’s used by companies to make decisions about their planning in the social media. The main tools of Social Media Analytics are: Social media integration, Sentiment analytics and word analytics.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) how brands can maintain and win customers through the social networks. Usually it’s done by sharing in the social networks certain content about products or the brand itself. Its best strategy is:
  • Social media optimization (SMO) allows to companies/brands to optimize their positioning through social media. They have to create some content that will be easy to share in the social networking and allows to promote mashup.
  • Social Customer Relationship Marketing is the management of the relationship with customers through social networks
  • Enterprise Social Networking the presence of the company in the social media through the creation of profiles and other stuff in the social networking. It allows externally their customers to follow them easily and internally their workers to communicate between them.

Why social media?


One of the biggest criticisms of social media is the invasion of people’s privacy. Because it allows to companies to know better they consumers and their consumption habits but may times the limit of the personal / private and the public aspect is distorted.

Another problem that presents the social media is the short life of the content publicized on them. The companies have to be actualized in every moment because in this generation 2.0 of social media in every minute people are creating new products.

Is very easy to have hacking problems. For this reason it’s needed in the company people with informatics engineering skills.

They can distort reality of the things, brands, people, etc. They can only post whatever they want to show to their customers, and hide the negative things.

It is very useful to improve the brand image quickly, but it can be damaged just as fast.

Sometime the Social networks themselves limit certain content.


`Make-A-Wish Foundation & Disney

For the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort Make-A-Wish Foundation & Disney had made a social campaign. The users have to take the photo from the Facebook webpage” Share Your Ears” with funny or creative Mickey Mouse Ears and  shares it with the hashtag #ShareYouEars trough Twitter and Instagram. The users with this action can unlock $5 donation up to $1 million.

Disney Parks had already donated 2$ million to the Foundation changing the live of many kids.


Nowadays we are living in the 2.0 generation what means that he majority of the people is connected in at least one social networking. For this reason companies must develop their position in the social market to reach the most consumers they can. Because we are more than ever in an online world with the presence in the social media customers can are allowed to follow brands easier than even before. But this can shows some problems also because in the internet world there are dangers unknown to those who have to cope.

Social Media can improve or delete your brand image in a few minutes, but also can make useful campaigns that can cover more customers that in conventional channels.


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