Case study – World Coalition (NGO)


About NGO – World Coalition against death penalty

The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, is a NGO established in Rome on 13 May 2002. The main aim of world coliation is to fight against the death penalty across world.

World Coalition is working to achieve these aims in the following ways:

  • by organising campaigns, including the World Day Against the Death Penalty;
  • by lobbying international organisations and States.


Definition of the marketing problem

Our client World Coliation is a NGO working against the capital punishment across globe. When they came to us they were sure about what problems they had but didnt know what caused them. The problems defined by them are:

  • Less Donations Received by them
  • Very few member retention
  • Lack of knowledge of new digital marketing strategies

Vertical diagram showing the factors determining donations in a NGO


(Bisla, 2017)

Our analysis of the web page and other digital media used by them showed following results:

  1. They are working against a cause which 62% of the nations around the world are favouring. Below is an image which shows, out of 188 countries 117 are voting for capital punishment and only 40 countries are voting against.


  1. Our analysis shows that the website has less than 5000 visitors of which 93% come from websites and rest 7% come from tablet/phones, reason being low quality content and slow pages. (, 2017)
  1. Traffic Sources


(, 2017)

In the above image you can see that most of the traffic is coming from organic sources and there is very low involvement of social media and mail which is considered as the most persuasive method of spreading a cause (Bisla, 2017).

  1. Speed of the web page


(, 2017)

This is one of the reasons the webpage has so little traffic from mobile because according to industry standard the size of a page should be around 250 KB. People dont like pages which are slow.

  1. Page Content

According to the SEO analysis done on the webpage we found out that the content on the page is low in quality. Content being the foundation of the cause supported by the NGO and one of the main factors towards the goals of organisation. Due to the low quality content the web page is not able to get much social media support.

(SEO Analyzer, 2017)

Target Audience

We are going to focus our campaign in the United States because here is where has been taken the most visits in the web page, by SimilarWeb. It means that the visits from the NGO page are the 14% from United States. It’s interesting to focus in US, because there is still 32 states with death different forms of death penalty: Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Carolina del Norte, Carolina del sur, Arizona, Louisiana, Arkanasas, Missisipi, Indiana, Delaware, California, Nevada, Utha, Washintong, Idaho, Kentuky, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Dakota del sur, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, New Hampshire and Tennessee. The main age of the target will be 18 and older, because they have the right to vote their political representatives who propose the changes of the constitution and these people older than 18 are who vote for it or no. The politics groups are important to reach also, to try to convince them to improve this change of constitution.

That means that even if there are some states that hasn’t got death penalty it’s need to reach the states which still has it.

It’s important to take on mind the fact that in each state of United States have some differences in the legislation and they have a Death Penalty information center to inform the citizen and also to make donations, that’s make us aware that people is very informed about this actions.


(, 2017)

Social Network  tendency in US                         E-mail tendency in US

(, 2017)

Communication objectives

In order to build up the marketing strategy in to reach the desired results it has to go through six different steps:

The first step is about the definition of the goals of the NGO. Based on those goals is possible to formulate the goals of the marketing strategy. After that, it has to take in consideration what is the budget and technical infrastructure to build up the digital strategy. In this way, the marketing strategy will be aligned to the aim of NGO. The main goal of the World coalition against the death penalty is to change the mind of the persons about the capital penalty. In particular in the countries where the death penalty is still practiced. In order to do that the World Coalition have to improve its activities. So, the most important goals of the marketing strategy are the following: augmentation of donations, increment the membership and more closely involvement of members, intensification of consciousness about death penalty, enlargement the number of volunteers and supporters.

Main goals

With our marketing campaign, in the next 6 months we aim to increase the website trafic by  10 000, which will result in more social media following as well as two fold increase in donations.

Description of the digital marketing platforms applied with creative executions



1) Better content

Why the USA should get rid of death penalty?

(YouTube, 2017)

1). Capital punishment goes against almost every religion.

2). Mentally ill people are executed.

3). The death penalty is racist.

4). The death penalty condemns the innocent to die.

5). The death penalty is not a deterrent to violent crime.

6). The death penalty is “cruel and unusual punishment.”

7). The death penalty fails to recognize that guilty people have the potential to change, denying them the opportunity to ever rejoin society.

Do you still think that death penalty is the best option? Here comes another story.

(YouTube, 2017)

Here is the document file what we created for the website content: better-content

2) Social Media

It was clear from the beginning that Facebook should be the leading platform for «World Coalition». The Facebook helps NGOs to make their activity disputed and important. That is why today there are many examples of successful campaigns of NGOs on Facebook.

The first step for our agency is to lead people to Facebook page of the NGO, make them like it. World Coalition lacks of widgets on its site, so, our goal will be to make a widget of the Facebook on the start page that will show people that have already joined the community. That will more motivate people to like NGO’s page on the Facebook or just to visit it.   Furthermore, it is necessary to raise awareness, to activate supporters and raise funds. The last point is the most important as without the money NGO will not be able to succeed in its agitations. . To make it easier for the community to raise money on Facebook, we will introduce on the NGO’s page the tool «Donate now», which will facilitate the process of donations for users.


It is vital to invite conversation and be responsive. For that purpose the agency has created the attractive content which will grab attention of users. We will also inspire the support for the NGO and introduce the number of posts that will ask for the help of volunteers as now World Coalition does not have so much followers. Moreover, the next target will make people not only sharing the content but also telling their own stories related to the capital punishment if they have.

The applications in Facebook pages with logos of NGO have also been added for enhancing the interaction with the target audience.


We created an Instagram page for world coalition because according to analysis social media specially images and videos prove to be great success for spreading the message. Also campaign is focused emotionally to families.

3) Search engine optimization / Search engine marketing

From research conclude that, the problem is with keywords and backlinks. For Search engine optimization we recommend improve structure of websites.

  • Use relevant title with included keyword for sites
  • The most important keywords put into tags H1, description and to meta tag keywords
  • Have no errors on the website
  • Include robots.txt into your websites for better scanning robots orientation
  • Make responsive design for mobile phones and tablets



(, 2017)

Summary SEO

  • lot of backlinks (938 Facebook shares, 24 LinkedIn shares, 6835 Twitter followers, 28 529 Tweets)
  • no errors
  • keywords like “death” and “penalty”
  • no responsive design for mobile phones and tablets

SEM – Search engine marketing

Very effective method how to increase number of visitors. For this case we recommend spent few hundred dollars for phrase “death penalty”. Average price for Google AdWords keyword is around $1 – $2 dollar. Also on Google AdWords is possible set day limit budget and depends on the response can increase or cut down the budget.


(WordStream and Shewan, 2017)